Maintaining a website??? In this day and age??? With ADHD and easy access to social media??? It's basically impossible for a freak clown like me.
Big changes happened between now and August. I found a new name (Hi, I'm Indy), got a retail job, started writing new stuff, got into puppetry as a hobby.
That webcomic I mentioned in my last post kind of panned out, turns out interactive comics aren't really my thing. I hate railroading, even though it's nessecary and pretty much every webcomic like that does it. (Though most of the time, the reader never notices.) I ain't apologizing for nothing, though. It was a hot mess. I can do better without reader input.
I think I'll start treating this site a little better, though. Probably will put a bunch of garbage that I've been working on and posting about on Tumblr- short stories, character explorations, that kind of thing. Be prepared for Content. Maybe. Get on my ass about it, if you want, but this is my website and I choose the rate at which I make things.
   - Indy, Formerly Known As Ghost


Oh shit! I forgot to keep this blog updated...
I've been busy this summer applying for jobs and writing silly stuff. I even made a Tumblr-based interactive webcomic! Sending the blog asks helps progress the story, though the characters might like to argue with you. It's fun!
Also, as I'm writing this I've opened up commissions on my Ko-Fi if you want a silly little icon of your OC or sona for social media reasons!
   - Ghost


More links and cleaned up my about page.
EDIT: reformatted my blog page for future changes. Looks a little less shit.
   - Ghost


Added TODO in blog zone and a link to a web doodle.
   - Ghost


Added a gallery page and some more stamps. Also, some visual stuff.
   - Ghost


Updated the site with some better graphics, a landing page, and other junk. Hopefully I'll start adding more fun content to interact with and read- I've been meaning to put in some comics and OC pages.
   - Ghost